> FAAC Bollards: performance beyond standards

NAL News July 2016.

From today, the J line of FAAC bollards is complete!


We offer solutions for your customers that can optimally meet all of the following requirements:

• controlling traffic, parking and footpaths in residential, commercial or industrial areas
• restricting access in town centres and urban areas in general
• guaranteeing protection for sensitive areas such as airports, embassies, banks, etc.

J line: stopped short by FAAC, urged on by quality.


0ee830b4-e02c-4356-89af-bbb30f98c4c2  Watch the video

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Performance beyond standards: satisfied customers.

Our bollards:
• employ FAAC hydraulic technology
• are assembled with high-quality components
• are designed for simplified installation and maintenance.
J200 automatic, semi-automatic and/or fixed, ideal for residential areas
J275 automatic, semi-automatic and fixed, for all types of commercial and industrial area. Also perfect for urban restricted access areas
J355 M30-P1 and M50 automatic and fixed, two certified solutions for perimeter security.


0ee830b4-e02c-4356-89af-bbb30f98c4c2  Watch the M50 crash test video!

All info and technical specifications on the site:


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