HKC are releasing new versions of software



Software Version

Quantum 70 V 3.2.0
SW 1070 / SW 20140 V 3.2.0
SW 10120 V 3.2.0
GSM-Q & GSM-SC V 1.4.0


Panels & GSM’s from this week on will have the new software and the upgrade tool will be available for download from our website.



The new software will contain enhancements for SecureComm GSM network connectivity in addition to fixing known issues. It also supports the latest version of the HKC App.

Products will be clearly labelled with software version.

The Irish language panel will also be available in June. The order code is SW-1070G and pricing will be the same as the SW-1070.

The HKC App has been upgraded and these changes will be made available in the normal way via notifications to end users on their Smart Phone. The App enhancements include Irish language support, support for the GSM-SW-SC (eircom SMS fixed line solution), input list with inhibit (see attached), site specific notifications, improved handling of technical faults and fixes for known issues.

If you require and further information please contact Technical Support on 01-4567007

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