OPTEX- Intrusion Detection Sensors



Compact indoor laser sensor


The RLS-2020I is our compact indoor laser sensor which provides a customisable ‘virtual’ wall or pane with a detection area up to 20mx20m to identify the presence of people or objects. Our RLS series uses LiDar technology to protects areas from security breaches such as intrusion, theft or unauthorised access as well as improving the reliability of video based motion detection and surveillance. 

The REDSCAN RLS-2020I has been designed to integrate with security or safety systems. It creates a detection area that cannot be easily provided by other sensors or video based detection systems such as virtual walls or virtual ceilings. The RLS 2020I is an  ideal sensor to protect skylights in buildings, walls, assets such as paintings or shelves storing valuables goods. The discreet design and custom-paint option enables it to blend very well into an indoor environment.


Cost effective high performance PIR Detector


The SAVER passive infrared detector offers a
more economical means for experiencing
Optex’s leading sensing technologies.
SAVER delivers high catch performance
through a dense Quad detection pattern,
while the newly designed CORE platform
delivers exceptional environmental stability.
Suitable for commercial or residential
applications, SAVER protects reputation and
other valuables.


60m Point-To-Point outdoor active infrared (AIR) beam


The SL-200QDP is a 60m outdoor active infrared (AIR) beam designed for perimeter security. The Quad beam set features four selectable channels making it easy to stack in beam towers and dual modulation to provide a highly reliable signal transmission even when exposed to strong sunlight or light sources. The SL-200QDP can also be connected to an IP network when used in conjunction with the IP/POE  module PIE-1. 


60m Point-To-Point Outdoor Active Infrared (AIR)/ Battery powered Beam


The SL-200TNR-CHR is a package that includes the SL-200TNR 60m outdoor battery-powered active beams set ideal to protect driveways, open areas and small perimeters and includes the four CR123 battery-holders necessary to power the set with the universal batteries.  

The SL-TNR-CRH  package has been created to make wireless infrared beams accessible wherever you are. CR123 batteries are universal and very affordable so when installers are looking for a quick and easy way to deploy a point to point driveway or perimeter protection, the SL-200TNR-CHR provides the perfect solution. It includes the 60m beam set and the four necessary battery-holders, only 16 CR123 batteries need to be added. The batteries should last approximately a year depending on the number of activations. The low battery signal will inform when the batteries need changing.      


Celiling mount PIR


The FX-360 is a celiling mount PIR poviding 12m diameter detection range which is ideal to protect lobbies The FX- 360's sleek and compact design suits all types of installation applications. A key feature includes the hard spherical  lens, designed with precision, providing reliable detection throughout its 360 degree area.  

Product certification: PD6662:2010 Compliant Grade 2 sensors  

Key Features:

  • False alarm protection
  • Hard Spherical Lens
  • Advanced Quality Control
  • Warm- up indicator
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