Suprema is a global leader in biometrics and securities technology.



Now Distributed in Ireland by National Automation Limited, Suprema’s extensive portfolio of products for Stand Alone and Networked Access Control include:


- Biometric access control systems,


- Time & attendance devices,


- Fingerprint/ live scanners,


- Embedded fingerprint modules.


All Networked Suprema Products are engineered for ease of use with ACT Access Control Equipment.

National Automation carry a large stock of most of the Range for next day delivery.


Suprema Advantage 

Biometric Technololgy


Bestsellers overview:

Suprema BioLite Net

IP based Outdoor Fingerprint Terminal


Suprema introduces BioLite Net, the world’s smallest IP-based
fingerprint terminal with time attendance and access control capability. With rugged IP65 rated
waterproof structure, it offers extra durability and it’s perfect for outdoor installation. From simple
door control to complex networked environment, BioLite Net supports full functionality of time
attendance and access control. All features comes in an elegantly designed, slick and slim device.

Suprema BioLite Solo

Standalone Outdoor Fingerprint Lock


BioLite Solo is a simple standalone access
control device providing biometric security and convenience. Using
a graphic LCD and a keypad, it is very easy to enroll or delete users
right on the device without any PC connection. With IP65 rated
weatherproof design, BioLite Solo can be an ideal solution for access
control of small offices, shops and residential houses either for
indoor or outdoor use.

Suprema BioEntry W2

Outdoor IP Fingerprint Device


Suprema BioEntry W2 is a rugged fingerprint access control device featuring Suprema’s next generation
biometric technology and security platform. BioEntry W2 provides class-leading performance and security by
featuring Suprema’s latest fingerprint algorithm coupled by powerful quad-core CPU and LFD(live finger
detection) technology. The device also provides added flexibility in system design by featuring multi card
reading with dual-frequency RFID technology. Packed in a rugged IP67/IK08 housing with sleek metallic finish,
BioEntry W2 is a perfect access control solution for tough environment and outdoor installation.

Suprema BioEntry W

Outdoor Fingerprint
IP Reader/Controller


-IP65 dust & waterproof
-IK08 vandal-resistant
-Power over Ethernet
-Fingerprint & RFID


BioEntry W exquisitely blends benefits of IP access control system
with high-level security provided by fingerprint biometrics. Featuring vandal-resistance structure
and IP65 rated structure, BioEntry W is ideal for outdoor installation with offering exceptional
durability under harsh environment. With its extensive communication interfaces and PoE capability,
BioEntry W is truly the ultimate outdoor fingerprint access control device.

Suprema BioMini & SDK

High Performance PC Fingerprint Solution


-Award Winning Algorithm
-Precise Scanning
-Sleek Design


Suprema’s fingerprint-based PC solution has been designed specially to
provide high level biometric security for desktops as well as complex network environments. Our
latest range of high-performance fingerprint USB scanners are supported by powerful software
development kit (SDK) which features Suprema's award-winning algorithm, ranked top in
FVC and NIST MINEX tests. Suprema PC solution provides unrivalled versatile platform for development
to leading security companies, system integrators and hardware manufacturers

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